Problems? Solved.

Well the bad news is that summer is nearly over. the good news is that summer is nearly over.

Liquidity Dries Up (despite the rain)

It looks like the move lower in the Pound is done for now, as for the last few days the bickering over what can and can’t be done to stop a no-deal Brexit has made little further impact on Sterling. That said, we ‘re sitting at an uncomfortably low level and there is the odd

Summer Lovin'

It’s taken a while, but markets looked to have stabilized a little yesterday and Asia has been on the buyback overnight, with markets clawing back between half and one percent. The ‘good’ news that lifted China is that they’re looking at policies and measures to offset the trade war and stabilize foreign trade – Much

Weekend Summary - Not Grammar Checked By Jacob Rees Mogg

The rhetoric turned strongly towards a no-deal over the weekend, with Michael Gove saying that this is the outcome now being assumed by the government (you know what they say about assume, Michael?)  The market has taken his words to heart and Sterling is firmly back on the ropes and the Boris boost that it did

48 Hours of Boris

Boris’ honeymoon period has lasted 48 hours and now it’s back to people asking the serious question ‘how are you going to get a deal across the line?’ and expecting more of a serious answer than ‘by ripping up the backstop’

No Backstop, No Problem?

Both Boris and Jeremy might be making a rod for their own back (or ours) as they’ve said they’re not going to accept a Northern Irish backstop as part of their negotiations. This was the biggest sticking point of the last deal for both sides, so whereas getting a deal across the line in the UK without a

Weekend Summary

Where to start with the UK government…

Independence Day - Except it's not aliens vying for control, it's Boris

The nomination of Christine Lagarde for head of the ECB got the market in a stir yesterday, with investors getting their bets in early that she’ll open the easy-money taps again.

Weekend Summary

We should start with The Donald, who has made history by becoming the first US president to set foot in North Korea

Long Form Essay (sorry)

The deadline for entries into the Tory leadership race is this evening, though we don’t think we’re getting any last minute contenders. The favourites have started setting out their stalls, with Boris promising tax cuts for a few million people by raising the 40% threshold from £50k to £80k call us cynical, but we’d imagine

Mark Questions Fed’s Intent

We went into the weekend with a strengthening dollar, as investors try and call bull on the Fed’s plans for a rate cut…

Mayday, Mayday…

Well, it seems to be just a matter of time – but hours and minutes, not days and weeks. The pressure exerted upon the PM is unrelenting and seemingly from all sides, as her deal was trashed by Labour in PMQ’s yesterday, Andrea Leadsom quit as leader of the Commons and sir Graham Brady is

Bull In a China Shop

Trump’s tariff increases have gone into effect overnight, putting another dampener on any hopes of there being a trade deal done any time soon.heading text goes here